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Welcome to Green Bamboo Nursery– The only place to find natural raw bamboos in India. We have been supplying various varieties of bamboos and some raw ingredient found in forest since 1990. Being such, we can provide you with an extensive range of products to suit for your demand. All our products originate from natural forest in Jabalpur. With extensive care & planning, fresh bamboos are harvested legally to supply.

--- Mr. Shubhash Bhatia / Co-founder

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Green Bamboo Nursery now offers treated bamboo poles to building and construction sectors where bamboos blend the environment with nature freshness or “zen” design. With products found only in natural forest, you can always expect our products of good quality and 100% natural.

GREEN BAMBOO NURSERY JABALPUR is most efficient and innovative plant nursery which provide the positive outcomes. Our motto is to be the best in the eyes of our customers. We promise To provide superior quality plant and products. In terms of manufacturing , our rates are very nominal so that it can be in reach of every single person , who wants our products.

Green Bamboo Nursery (regd.) is bamboo plantation and nursery unit owned & managed by director Mr.Shubhash Bhatia .We believe in the "high quality standard" of India's Bamboo Nursery and further we believe delivering should be such that end users gets high priority. Our products includes Bambusa Balcooa,Bambusa Longispiculata,Dendrocalamus Longispiculata,Bambusa Nutans, Bambusa Tulda, Dendrocalamus Asper, Dendrocalamus Brandisii, Dendrocalamus Stocksil, Guadua Angustifolia, Phyllostachys Nigra, Schizostachyum Dullooa, Bambusa Pallida, Bambusa Vulgaris, Dendrocalamus Hamiltoni,Thyrostachys Oliveri, Melicana Baccifera, Bambusa Cacharensis, Moso Bamboo.

We are a specialized company with Quality Standard Certifications. We are registred and trustworthy. With help of our best scientists, trained staff, effective labs, we give our customer , best and better bamboo. With help of our best scientists, trained staff, effective labs, we give our customer , best and better bamboo.

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